Working to join people, ideas and resources to help meet the complex challenges of the future


The Foundation is a small catalytic organization that seeks to convene other collaborators in strategic ways, and thereby leverage its small resources for maximum effect.  The Foundation’s name, Sustasis, is a Greek word that means “to stand together” or “to come together into integrality.”  The Foundation’s mission is to help to bring people and resources together to collaborate on the vital challenges of our time. 


Our 9-person board includes leaders in architecture and urbanism, software and other fields:

Christopher Andrews, architect, Oakland, CA

Ward Cunningham, software engineer, Portland, OR

Bernie Franceschi, investment advisor, Portland, OR

Susan Ingham, architect, Seattle, WA

Kathryn Langstaff, Autopoiesis LLC, Portland, OR

Amy Macklin, fundraising expert, Atlanta, GA

Michael Mehaffy, Structura Naturlis Inc. , Portland, OR

Kyriakos Pontikis, professor, Cal State Northridge, CA

Yodan Rofe, professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, IS

Michael Mehaffy, our executive director, is a researcher, author, educator, consultant and practitioner in sustainable urban development.  Michael is the author of many journal papers and popular articles, as well as eleven book chapters, and he is a member of the editorial boards of three international research journals in sustainable urbanism.  He serves as a consultant to governments, university research projects and others.  His expertise in sustainable urban development and climate change was recognized when he was invited in 2009 to present a paper at the prestigious IARU Scientific Congress in Copenhagen, a briefing session for the treaty negotiations of December 2009.



Sustasis Foundation

742 SW Vista Ave., #42

Portland, OR 97205


Email: michael dot mehaffy at the gmail domain. 

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