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 Susan Ingham

Susan Ingham is a co-owner of KASA Architecture in Seattle, Washington.   She joined the Sustasis board in January, 2012.

The mission of KASA Architecture is to create places where people and the environment can flourish. The goal of each project is to enhance the lives of the inhabitants while improving each structureís integration within the larger context of site, neighborhood, landscape, or city. The work of KASA Architecture encompasses a range of scales: from creating a reading alcove with a window seat to planning an entire neighborhood. Projects include single-family homes (both new and existing), cabins, multi-family housing, urban design, commercial tenant improvement work, exhibition design, and furniture.

KASA Architecture was founded by Susan Ingham in 2004. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Susan also spent a short time in Japan as an exchange student. She continued her studies in California, receiving both her bachelorís and masterís degrees in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. While at Berkeley, Susan studied and worked intensively with noted professor, architect, and author Christopher Alexander and his colleagues (author of A Pattern Language and other books), and participated in architectural study programs and workshops in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Turkey. Prior to founding KASA Architecture, Susan Ingham worked in architectural offices in San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Berkeley, and Seattle. In 2005, Susan participated as a founding member of the Building Process Alliance, an international group of architects, builders, and planners who share similar backgrounds, values, and processes with regard to improving the built environment one structure at a time.


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