Overview of 2012 Activities
“Sustasis” is an ancient Greek word that means “a coming into collaboration” or “coming into integrality.”  We are a small, catalytic NGO that works with exceptionally talented people, NGOs and universities internationally, on some of the most urgent challenges of our day -- climate change, resource depletion, and degradation of the natural and human environments.  It turns out that these issues are more connected than they may appear. 

We work to develop and share exciting new tools and strategies to unlock the capacity of neighborhoods, cities, towns and countrysides, to improve quality of life, to promote resilience and sustainability, and to reduce resource depletion and contributions ot climate change. Examples include:

- Wiki neighborhood tools (with Ward Cunningham, inventor of Wiki and board member)
- Pattern Languages (with Christopher Alexander, inventor, and other collaborators)
- Carbon emissions modeling tools (with leading researchers)
- Capacity-building tools (with other NGO collaborators)
- Sustainable development implementation tools (with governments, NGOs and others)

We were formed in 2007 to facilitate neighborhood-led recovery planning work in New Orleans, and we have gone on to address neighborhood-scale capacity building issues on an international level.   This last year we collaborated on work in our home city of Portland, Oregon, as well as Medellin, Colombia; Glasgow, Scotland; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Paris, France; Mexico City, Mexico; and other cities with representative challenges for neighborhood sustainability, resilience, and quality of life.

Our board expanded in 2012 and now includes exceptional researchers, practitioners and supporters:

Christopher Andrews, architect, Oakland, CA
Ward Cunningham, software engineer, Portland, OR
Bernie Franceschi, investment advisor, Portland, OR
Susan Ingham, architect, Seattle, WA
Kathryn Langstaff, Autopoiesis LLC, Portland, OR
Amy Macklin, fundraising expert, Atlanta, GA
Michael Mehaffy, Structura Naturalis Inc., Portland, OR
Kyriakos Pontikis, professor, Cal State Northridge, CA
Yodan Rofe, professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, IS

Michael Mehaffy, our executive director, is a researcher, author, educator, consultant and practitioner in sustainable urban development.  Michael is the author of many journal papers and popular articles (h-index = 6), as well as eleven book chapters, and he is a member of the editorial boards of three international research journals in sustainable urbanism.  He serves as a consultant to governments, university research projects and others.  His expertise in sustainable urban development and climate change was recognized when he was invited in 2009 to present a paper at the prestigious IARU Scientific Congress in Copenhagen, a briefing session for the treaty negotiations of December 2009.

Our major areas of research and publication in 2012:

Conferences, Symposia and Meetings:

Public Interest Events and Inquiries:

General Publications:
Public Lectures and Speeches:

Evolving Collaborations, Research and Development:
As always, we welcome suggestions about our work and the ways that we might develop more effective collaborations. And as always, we are very grateful for any and all collaborations, and any other support, that make our further work on these urgent topics possible!